The R4 3DS Review: Which R4 Handheld Device Do You Need? Types of 3DS Flashcarts

Alone, the Nintendo 3DS is a pretty popular handheld gaming console—but, there’s far more to the 3DS than most people think. You can actually get more out of the Nintendo 3DS by using a device known as a flashcart.

Flashcarts have been around for years. Consumer-grade flashcarts, like the popular R4, were popularized during the days of the original Nintendo DS. Today, the R4 3DS continues to hold the original R4’s popularity well into the 3DS’ lifespan.

Given the popularity of the R4, you’d think that there were multiple versions of the R4 3DS. If you’ve ever had that thought, you’re pretty much right—there are multiple versions of the R4 3DS, all made by different manufacturers. The R4 3DS is just one of many 3Ds flashcarts out on the market. And, in this article, we’re going to take a closer look at the types that you might encounter.

Types of 3DS Flashcarts ~ Which Should You Buy?

Naturally, several different types of R4 3DS devices exist on the market. One of the most popular is the R4 3DS, but other types exist. To understand the extent of 3DS flashcarts on the market today, let’s start with the beginning.

Nintendo DS

The original Nintendo DS and DS Lite were popular targets of flashcarts and still continue to be taken to their limit with the devices today. The ever popular R4 and R4 SDHC flashcarts become popular with these handhelds.

What Should You Buy? For older Nintendo DS handhelds, the R4 SDHC is the best choice, since it supports bigger capacity MicroSD and SDHC memory cards, while also featuring the latest firmware for the device.

Nintendo DSi

The upgraded DSi and DSi XL prompted an upgrade of the original R4 devices—the R4i Gold and R4i SDHC flashcarts. Of course, the aforementioned flashcarts also work with the older DS handhelds.

What Should You Buy? You can’t really go wrong with the updated R4i SDHC flashcart for the Nintendo DSi handhelds. It allows bigger capacity memory cards (up to 32GB), weighs practically nothing and provides the best features possible for extending the functionality of Nintendo DSi handhelds.

Nintendo 3DS

Although it took a bit longer to come on the market, the R4 3DS was one of the first fully compatible and working flashcarts for the Nintendo 3DS. Today, it continues to receive upgrades in order to stay compatible with the system’s ever changing firmware.

What Should You Buy? Naturally, the R4 3DS is the best choice for the Nintendo 3DS, but it’s also compatible with the 2DS. In fact, you don’t even need firmware or any other types of adapters to use this flashcart with either console.