Metal Slug 7 Game for the Nintendo DS

If you frequent the arcade before, there is a high probability that you will come across this popular game called “Metal Slug”. Metal Slug is a run and gun game where you choose your gunner and play the game, Contra-style.

The Metal Slug 7 Game for the Nintendo DS is the first ever Metal Slug game that does not feature an Arcade version. As previously mentioned, I was first introduced to this game when I played the Arcade version of the original Metal Slug (which until now, got me hooked because of its fun gameplay).

If you’re a fan of the Contra games of old, then you will definitely love the Metal Slug 7 Game for the Nintendo DS.

The story of the game revolves around the Peregrine Falcon Strike Force (epic name, huh?). This cool-sounding strike force will be aided with the help of the SPARROWS and the Ikari Warriors (a tribe of willing gentlemen).

The mission? To defeat the evil General Morden and thwart his attempts at creating another Coup d ‘etat on the government. The Peregrine Strike force was able to defeat General Morden for the first time, but apparently, General Morden was not alone.

After his first defeat, an army of future soldiers went to his aid and rescued him from the Strike Force’s grasp.

Even though the evil general escaped, you (and a buddy) are tasked to defeat General Morden and the future soldiers at all cost and at any means necessary.

There are a lot of characters you can choose from in the Metal Slug 7 Game for the Nintendo DS (though, you can only use 2 of them at a time since this is only a 2-player game). The characters that you can choose are:

  • Eri Kasamoto
  • Fiolina Germi
  • Marco Rossi
  • Clark Still
  • Ralf Jones
  • Leona Heidern

If you’ve noticed, the last three playable characters are also present in another SNK game called the “King of Fighters”.

As for the gameplay, the Metal Slug 7 Game for the Nintendo DS still sports the same gameplay mechanics of its previous version, although, there are three new slugs or vehicles that you can use during the course of the game.

One of the new slugs is the Slug Gigant. This vehicle is only present in some maps and it is by far the best one out there. Why? Because unlike other slugs, the Slug Gigant cannot be destroyed. Furthermore, this vehicle has an array of different weapons such as the Wave cannon, Massive robotic claws, and it can even throw a huge punch!

The Slug Truck is another new vehicle and it looks like a road train. The Slug truck can be conjoined (up to 4 trucks) and when you connect all 4 trucks together, you will have the power to unleash its devastating cannon. The only caveat is that the cannon will be destroyed with a single shot.

The last new vehicle in the game is the Heavy Armor. This slug has both the Vulcan and the cannon available at his disposal, and as the name implies, also has a huge HP pool.

The Metal Slug 7 Game for the Nintendo DS is a great and fun game. If you want to pass the time with a run and gun game, then the Metal Slug 7 Game for the Nintendo DS is a great option for you.