Linksys N600 Pro Wifi Range Extender

Linksys is a well-known company that delivers high-quality routers over the years. In fact, I have used 2 Linksys routers that are still working, one is even 10 years old!

I can truly testify to the quality of Linksys routers. But, as with any other company that offers routers, they know that not all of their routers can eliminate dead spots. Some houses are made of thick concrete, which is the number one enemy of Wifi signals.

To help solve the problem, Linksys has created a WiFi range extender that should work with all of today’s routers. I am referring to the Linksys N600 Pro Wifi Range Extender.

To help convince you that this is an awesome Wifi range extender, here are its features:

  • Universal Compatibility: Wireless-N technology is compatible with all a/b/g/n devices
  • Works with Any Router: No need to modify router settings. Works with all Wi-Fi routers, including those from service providers
  • Simultaneous Dual Band: 2.4 and 5 GHz bands reduce traffic and maximize speed. Up to 300Mbps data transfer on each band
  • Cross-Band Technology: Maximizes the simultaneous use of both bands for faster data transfer speeds
  • Spot Finder Technology: Provides easy setup on any mobile device for optimal placement and performance. No CD required
  • Wi-Fi Audio: Connect a stereo system or audio speakers to the N600 PRO to wirelessly stream your favorite music from a smart device or computer
  • Fast Ethernet Port: Wired Internet access for one device
  • QoS: Prioritizes bandwidth for smoother media streaming

Linksys N600 Pro Wifi Range Extender is a dual-band Wifi extender that supports 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequencies. In fact, it has a Cross-Band technology that uses both of these frequencies simultaneously, so you can have uninterrupted speeds of up to 300MBps.

The Linksys N600 Pro Wifi Range Extender should work with any of today’s routers. Since it still supports Wireless N technologies, it is backwards-compatible even with legacy routers.

One beauty of this range extender is that it is a set-it-and-forget-it piece of equipment. Basically, you just have to plug it in, wait for a few minutes, and it should boost Wifi signals without you having to configure anything.

This feature is perfect for people who are not well-versed in Router configurations. Heck, even your grandmother can have this work in no time!

The Linksys N600 Pro Wifi Range Extender has a companion app called the Spot-Finder technology. This app can be installed in iOS and Android Smartphones. Basically, what this does is it helps you know the best possible location to put the Wifi extender for optimal performance. Now, you don’t have to guess where you should put it!

As if that is not enough to convince you, it also comes with a fast Ethernet port if you want to plug in a laptop or gaming console, for example. And, it also has a built-in WiFi audio. Just plug in your sound system into the N600 and you can share the music in the comfort of your own home.

The Linksys N600 Pro Wifi Range Extender is a really good WiFi range extender and it also comes with very good additions.

The Linksys N600 Pro Wifi Range Extender costs only $52.