Greenify App for Android

Remember the time when you first had your new shiny mobile phone? The performance is top notch and you feel that the phone doesn’t have any signs of sluggishness.

But, during the course of a couple of months, your mobile phone is now noticeably slower than because of some misbehaving apps that continuously sucks up your mobile phone’s limited resources.

I have experienced that a lot of time where I buy a new mobile phone that seems blazingly fast, only to have the phone slowly deteriorate in performance over time. So, I rooted my Android mobile phone and found out that there are a lot of apps that are sucking up all of my phone’s power.

After much research, I came across a great Root app that allows me to control all of these vampiric apps and stop them from slowing my mobile phone down.

The app I am referring to is none other than the Greenify App for Android mobile phones.

What this app does is that it presents you will all of your installed apps in one convenient interface. It also shows which app sucks up the most resources. After knowing which apps hog your mobile phone’s resources, you can then let the Greenify app hibernate those apps to stop it from sucking more energy.

Now, what is the difference between hibernating your apps and killing them off completely (using the Task Manager)? The hibernate feature allows you to just stop the app from using your phone’s resources but it is still in the background. Killing off apps will stop them from sucking your mobile phone’s battery life, but you will have to reopen them again (which defeats the purpose because constantly reopening apps takes more battery than just having them on idle or in hibernate mode).

The Greenify App for Android mobile phones does a really good job of detecting the apps that use your mobile phone’s resources the most. I just love the fact that this app allows you to just hibernate the apps instead of killing them or “freezing” them using another app, for example.

It is important to note, however, that you do not hibernate all of your important apps (even though it is so tempting). This is because when you hibernate all important apps, the Greenify App for Android mobile phones will stop it from doing its thing. So for example, you’re using an Android app that tracks the weather. If you use Greenify to hibernate that app, it will not display the most recent weather reports any more. So be careful on which apps you will hibernate.

Do remember that Greenify works best on a rooted Android mobile phone. Although it will work on Android mobile phones that haven’t been rooted, you will not enjoy the full functionality of this app.

The Greenify App for Android mobile phones is a free app with a premium subscription option that unlocks more features. If you want to save your mobile phone’s battery life, the Greenify App for Android is one of the best apps out there to do the job.