Advantages of using seedbox

Downloading and uploading a torrent file is a popular activity online today. But the main concern that many of us have is the speed. Sometimes the slow speed of upload and download becomes a huge handicap for us. Another cause of concern while uploading or downloading a torrent file is how to bypass the watchful eyes of who monitor your internet activity.

Seedbox is the perfect solution to this as it not only facilitates faster downloads but also ensures all your online activities are completely safe and secure. Basically, in simpler terms, a seedbox is a remote server that helps in uploading or downloading a torrent file with ease

I will share some points to why seedbox is very important for the very big torrent file and check this helpful hints

  1. Do not have the time to download big torrent files? Or have connectivity issues? Owning a seedbox empowers you to download the files at your convenience. Do not wait for the download to complete. You can leave the setup running and come back later to copy the files.
  2. With the amazing and insanely high speeds that come with a seedbox account one can download almost anything and everything practically in a few minutes.
  3. A seedbox is built with robust hardware features and can easily for long hours without the need to shut it down every other day. In contrast, if you let your high-quality personal computers run all day for heavy downloads it might clog your bandwidth? Hence using a seedbox is always ideal.
  4. It comes with ample storage capabilities and hence can actually save space on your local machine. Files can be downloaded straight to the seedbox account and can be used later when required. One can backup files remotely and use seedbox as secondary storage.
  5. An ideal seedbox is designed with OpenVPN that facilitates encrypted connectivity during browsing sessions. Also since it requires an account login you get to have complete control over your online activity.
  6. Lastly, a seedbox can come in handy if you wish to stream data directly into your device. You do not have to store the file on your computer.

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How to Use a SeedboxHow to use a seedboxHaving an understanding of how to use a seedbox is important for a hassle-free experience in the long run. Each of the seedbox setups comes with one or more torrent clients. One can log on to their web user interface via any browser. The next step is to load the torrent files or the torrent URLs in the interface. Once this is done the files start downloading immediately and after this, the seeding begins.

The high-speed download is carried out remotely without any traces of it on the local desktop IP. Safety and security are one of the primary selling points of a seedbox. Once the download is complete on the seedbox it is up to you to download it on your personal PC whenever you wish. Seedbox uses an FTP or SFTP connection for download. The number of users on a particular server depends upon the plan that you enroll for.  One can also install other programs and software on the seedbox. Use a seedbox and take a step towards security, exciting peer-to-peer experience and anonymity.