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Leon Kennedy Might Not Be Included in the Latest Resident Evil Game

For those people who’ve played Resident Evil games before, they’ve probably known Leon S. Kennedy. Leon actually stars in different Resident Evil games from Resident Evil 2, 4, and even 6.

But, since Resident Evil 4, the franchise has dwindled a little bit mainly because of its veering away from the original formula: zombies.

Since Resident Evil 4, the story of the game has changed a bit. In the game, Leon goes up against an evil cult that was dishing out some viruses to control people and turn them into mindless followers.

They do not look like zombies at all, although, they act like them. Still, people do not feel that it is the original Resident Evil formula and so, they did not love the game at all.

Couple that with the lukewarm reception of Resident Evil 6, the franchise has been on a steady decline ever since.

But, like any other great gaming company, Capcom has risen to the occasion and they vow to deliver a new Resident Evil game that will surely entice old players back to playing it.

Then comes Resident Evil 7. This game was shown at the E3 2016 event and it is pretty promising so far.

What’s even more promising is that the game will have VR support which makes it even scarier than ever! Although, I do caution people who suffer from heart problems to play the game on the VR with caution.

Anyway, Leon S. Kennedy is an iconic figure in the Resident Evil games and a lot of people are asking if he’s going to be available in the next sequel of this iconic horror franchise.

As far as the voice actor of Leon S. Kennedy is concerned, the game will not have Leon S. Kennedy.

Matt Mercer, who voiced Leon S. Kennedy in Resident Evil 6, said that he hasn’t been contacted to voice Leon again.

According to him, Capcom has a legitimate reason why this is. He said that they might not include Leon S. Kennedy in the latest installment because the company is cutting down on costs.

Furthermore, they want the Resident Evil 7 to be a fresh reboot of the franchise which would imply that they might be using a new character to carry the Resident Evil mantle.

But, when asked if he wants to voice Leon S. Kennedy again, Mercer said that he will jump at the chance as soon as it is available.

He states that voicing one of the most iconic characters in the horror games franchise is an honor and that he will no doubt do it again if he is given another chance.

Resident Evil 7 veers away from the original Formula, at least, in its game mechanics. Instead of a third-person horror survival game, the game is now played in First-person.

Furthermore, this can enhance the VR gaming experience of gamers but like I said, if you’re suffering from any health conditions, it is best to use the VR feature of the game with caution.

Resident Evil 7 will be released on January 24, 2017, and it will be released on the Playstation 4, PC, and Xbox One.

weBoost 4G 471105 Mobile Phone Signal Booster

Mobile phone signal boosters today are getting more competitive. Every competitor is boasting their own unique technologies to entice people to buy their products.

The current standard is 4G and a lot of mobile phone signal booster companies are already creating their own line of signal boosters that support this new standard.

Although they are not cheap, they do a pretty good job in making sure that you’re getting all the mobile phone signals that you need.

If you want a mobile phone signal booster that can not only be used in homes but also in offices, then you’ve come to the right place.

Today, we are going to talk about the weBoost 4G 471105 Mobile Phone Signal Booster. This is the weBoost Connect 4G-X with the addition of some dome antennas.

You see, weBoost has been in this business for a very long time and they know how to make sure that you get all of the mobile phone signals that your phone needs in order to fully function properly.

Now, the weBoost 4G 471105 Mobile Phone Signal Booster has got a dome and panel antennas for indoor use.

Dome antennas are like omnidirectional external antennas in that they rebroadcast signals in a 360-degree coverage. This means that this type of antenna is best used when you put it on the middle portion of your house.

Panel antennas, on the other hand, act like yagi-directional external antennas in that it can be mounted on a wall but it has to point towards the direction where you want to broadcast the amplified signals.

When you order the weBoost 4G 471105 Mobile Phone Signal Booster, you will be given a choice between two of the aforementioned antennas.

If you’re working in an office and there is a specific point in your office building where you want to concentrate all of the mobile phone signals, then get a panel antenna.

Otherwise, just get a dome antenna for all practical use case scenarios (home or office).

To install the weBoost 4G 471105 Mobile Phone Signal Booster, here are the things that you need to do.

  1. The weBoost 4G 471105 Mobile Phone Signal Booster comes with an omnidirectional external antenna. Just mount it on the top most window of your home or office. There are included window suction cups for this purpose.
  2. Place the mobile phone signal booster near an AC wall socket.
  3. Installation of the internal antenna will depend on which type you chose to get. If you got dome antenna, just put it in the middle portion of your home or office. If you got the panel antenna, mount it on the wall pointing it to the direction where you want to rebroadcast the amplified signals to.
  4. Plug the power adapter into a wall socket and plug it into the mobile phone signal booster.
  5. Plug both the internal and external antennas into the mobile phone signal booster.
  6. Power on the signal amplifier and wait until the green indicator lights up. Done!

The weBoost 4G 471105 Mobile Phone Signal Booster is one of the most powerful 4G mobile phone signal boosters out there.

It may not be inexpensive but it does the job pretty well. This mobile phone signal booster costs $900.

Metal Slug 7 Game for the Nintendo DS

If you frequent the arcade before, there is a high probability that you will come across this popular game called “Metal Slug”. Metal Slug is a run and gun game where you choose your gunner and play the game, Contra-style.

The Metal Slug 7 Game for the Nintendo DS is the first ever Metal Slug game that does not feature an Arcade version. As previously mentioned, I was first introduced to this game when I played the Arcade version of the original Metal Slug (which until now, got me hooked because of its fun gameplay).

If you’re a fan of the Contra games of old, then you will definitely love the Metal Slug 7 Game for the Nintendo DS.

The story of the game revolves around the Peregrine Falcon Strike Force (epic name, huh?). This cool-sounding strike force will be aided with the help of the SPARROWS and the Ikari Warriors (a tribe of willing gentlemen).

The mission? To defeat the evil General Morden and thwart his attempts at creating another Coup d ‘etat on the government. The Peregrine Strike force was able to defeat General Morden for the first time, but apparently, General Morden was not alone.

After his first defeat, an army of future soldiers went to his aid and rescued him from the Strike Force’s grasp.

Even though the evil general escaped, you (and a buddy) are tasked to defeat General Morden and the future soldiers at all cost and at any means necessary.

There are a lot of characters you can choose from in the Metal Slug 7 Game for the Nintendo DS (though, you can only use 2 of them at a time since this is only a 2-player game). The characters that you can choose are:

  • Eri Kasamoto
  • Fiolina Germi
  • Marco Rossi
  • Clark Still
  • Ralf Jones
  • Leona Heidern

If you’ve noticed, the last three playable characters are also present in another SNK game called the “King of Fighters”.

As for the gameplay, the Metal Slug 7 Game for the Nintendo DS still sports the same gameplay mechanics of its previous version, although, there are three new slugs or vehicles that you can use during the course of the game.

One of the new slugs is the Slug Gigant. This vehicle is only present in some maps and it is by far the best one out there. Why? Because unlike other slugs, the Slug Gigant cannot be destroyed. Furthermore, this vehicle has an array of different weapons such as the Wave cannon, Massive robotic claws, and it can even throw a huge punch!

The Slug Truck is another new vehicle and it looks like a road train. The Slug truck can be conjoined (up to 4 trucks) and when you connect all 4 trucks together, you will have the power to unleash its devastating cannon. The only caveat is that the cannon will be destroyed with a single shot.

The last new vehicle in the game is the Heavy Armor. This slug has both the Vulcan and the cannon available at his disposal, and as the name implies, also has a huge HP pool.

The Metal Slug 7 Game for the Nintendo DS is a great and fun game. If you want to pass the time with a run and gun game, then the Metal Slug 7 Game for the Nintendo DS is a great option for you.

Greenify App for Android

Remember the time when you first had your new shiny mobile phone? The performance is top notch and you feel that the phone doesn’t have any signs of sluggishness.

But, during the course of a couple of months, your mobile phone is now noticeably slower than because of some misbehaving apps that continuously sucks up your mobile phone’s limited resources.

I have experienced that a lot of time where I buy a new mobile phone that seems blazingly fast, only to have the phone slowly deteriorate in performance over time. So, I rooted my Android mobile phone and found out that there are a lot of apps that are sucking up all of my phone’s power.

After much research, I came across a great Root app that allows me to control all of these vampiric apps and stop them from slowing my mobile phone down.

The app I am referring to is none other than the Greenify App for Android mobile phones.

What this app does is that it presents you will all of your installed apps in one convenient interface. It also shows which app sucks up the most resources. After knowing which apps hog your mobile phone’s resources, you can then let the Greenify app hibernate those apps to stop it from sucking more energy.

Now, what is the difference between hibernating your apps and killing them off completely (using the Task Manager)? The hibernate feature allows you to just stop the app from using your phone’s resources but it is still in the background. Killing off apps will stop them from sucking your mobile phone’s battery life, but you will have to reopen them again (which defeats the purpose because constantly reopening apps takes more battery than just having them on idle or in hibernate mode).

The Greenify App for Android mobile phones does a really good job of detecting the apps that use your mobile phone’s resources the most. I just love the fact that this app allows you to just hibernate the apps instead of killing them or “freezing” them using another app, for example.

It is important to note, however, that you do not hibernate all of your important apps (even though it is so tempting). This is because when you hibernate all important apps, the Greenify App for Android mobile phones will stop it from doing its thing. So for example, you’re using an Android app that tracks the weather. If you use Greenify to hibernate that app, it will not display the most recent weather reports any more. So be careful on which apps you will hibernate.

Do remember that Greenify works best on a rooted Android mobile phone. Although it will work on Android mobile phones that haven’t been rooted, you will not enjoy the full functionality of this app.

The Greenify App for Android mobile phones is a free app with a premium subscription option that unlocks more features. If you want to save your mobile phone’s battery life, the Greenify App for Android is one of the best apps out there to do the job.

Linksys N600 Pro Wifi Range Extender

Linksys is a well-known company that delivers high-quality routers over the years. In fact, I have used 2 Linksys routers that are still working, one is even 10 years old!

I can truly testify to the quality of Linksys routers. But, as with any other company that offers routers, they know that not all of their routers can eliminate dead spots. Some houses are made of thick concrete, which is the number one enemy of Wifi signals.

To help solve the problem, Linksys has created a WiFi range extender that should work with all of today’s routers. I am referring to the Linksys N600 Pro Wifi Range Extender.

To help convince you that this is an awesome Wifi range extender, here are its features:

  • Universal Compatibility: Wireless-N technology is compatible with all a/b/g/n devices
  • Works with Any Router: No need to modify router settings. Works with all Wi-Fi routers, including those from service providers
  • Simultaneous Dual Band: 2.4 and 5 GHz bands reduce traffic and maximize speed. Up to 300Mbps data transfer on each band
  • Cross-Band Technology: Maximizes the simultaneous use of both bands for faster data transfer speeds
  • Spot Finder Technology: Provides easy setup on any mobile device for optimal placement and performance. No CD required
  • Wi-Fi Audio: Connect a stereo system or audio speakers to the N600 PRO to wirelessly stream your favorite music from a smart device or computer
  • Fast Ethernet Port: Wired Internet access for one device
  • QoS: Prioritizes bandwidth for smoother media streaming

Linksys N600 Pro Wifi Range Extender is a dual-band Wifi extender that supports 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequencies. In fact, it has a Cross-Band technology that uses both of these frequencies simultaneously, so you can have uninterrupted speeds of up to 300MBps.

The Linksys N600 Pro Wifi Range Extender should work with any of today’s routers. Since it still supports Wireless N technologies, it is backwards-compatible even with legacy routers.

One beauty of this range extender is that it is a set-it-and-forget-it piece of equipment. Basically, you just have to plug it in, wait for a few minutes, and it should boost Wifi signals without you having to configure anything.

This feature is perfect for people who are not well-versed in Router configurations. Heck, even your grandmother can have this work in no time!

The Linksys N600 Pro Wifi Range Extender has a companion app called the Spot-Finder technology. This app can be installed in iOS and Android Smartphones. Basically, what this does is it helps you know the best possible location to put the Wifi extender for optimal performance. Now, you don’t have to guess where you should put it!

As if that is not enough to convince you, it also comes with a fast Ethernet port if you want to plug in a laptop or gaming console, for example. And, it also has a built-in WiFi audio. Just plug in your sound system into the N600 and you can share the music in the comfort of your own home.

The Linksys N600 Pro Wifi Range Extender is a really good WiFi range extender and it also comes with very good additions.

The Linksys N600 Pro Wifi Range Extender costs only $52.

Forskolin 250mg: Coleus Forskolii Extract Fat Burning Supplement

We live in a fast-paced, stressful world. Thus, we do not have time nor the energy to hit the gym and exercise. Furthermore, we do not have the time to cook a delicious and healthy meal because we are already drained from work.

But, we all want to lose weight. That is a common fact a lot of people face. We really want to achieve a slimmer body, but how in the world can we do that when we’re so used up and drained from all of life’s stresses?forskolin

A certain supplement manufacturer claims that you can lose weight with this miracle weight loss supplement. I am talking about the Forskolin 250mg: Coleus Forskolii Extract Fat Burning supplement!

Now, what is this fat burning supplement? And, why has this supplement picked up steam since last year? Well, it is due to its main ingredient: Coleus Forskolii. This herb is usually used in Ayurvedic medicine, but it has since been found out that it has a remarkable weight-loss power hidden inside it.

The Forskolin 250mg extract contains 250mg of pure and potent Coleus Forskolii. It has been said that this herb is so potent that even the famous Dr.Oz featured it on his award-winning show.

Why should you buy this weight-loss supplement? Here is SUPLhealth’s mission statement:

LOSE WEIGHT FAST – Proven to assist weight loss Forskolin fat loss pills have been shown to work in clinical trials for both Men and Women. Forskolin was also featured on the Dr Oz show on 6th May 2014 where it was described to work like a furnace to burn belly fat from the inside, while increasing muscle tone.

MAXIMUM STRENGTH STOMACH FAT BURNER – Highest concentration 20% Forskolin capsules give you triple action weight loss. Carb blocker action combined with a top appetite suppressant plus internal belly fat burner, purest Coleus Forskohlii Root Extract gives you FAST results.

SUPPORT YOUR BUSY LIFESTYLE – We know your life is too busy to allow you the mental space to fully plan for a healthy weight. That is why we’re bringing you this effective Weight-loss supplement to help you burn those fats despite the busy lifestyle!

So, what do customers have to say after trying this product? Let’s see what they have to say:

Holly: “Got this item for free for my honest and unbiased,opinion. I work 3rd shift and 12hr nights so I snack alot. Im a 48 yr old woman and i have gain 10lbs in about 3mths so i started taking Forskolin 250mg: for belly fat. I took 2 x daily before i ate a meal with water and im starting to see a difference. Im definitely going to continue taking Forskolin!”

Skylar: “have been struggling to shed the last few pounds of baby fat for many years now. I thought I would give this product a try. So far so good! I’ve been loosing the weight slowly but surely. Most of my weight is carried in my mid section. In a matter of about a month I’ve been able to go from a size 16 (being super tight) to a size 14 fitting comfortably. I’m very happy with the progress and will be continuing to take the Forskolin.”

It seems that this product is quite popular in the weight-loss supplement industry and for many people. If you want to get a hold of the SUPLhealth’s Forskolin 250mg weight-loss supplement, it is currently priced at $24.99.

The R4 3DS Review: Which R4 Handheld Device Do You Need? Types of 3DS Flashcarts

Alone, the Nintendo 3DS is a pretty popular handheld gaming console—but, there’s far more to the 3DS than most people think. You can actually get more out of the Nintendo 3DS by using a device known as a flashcart.

Flashcarts have been around for years. Consumer-grade flashcarts, like the popular R4, were popularized during the days of the original Nintendo DS. Today, the R4 3DS continues to hold the original R4’s popularity well into the 3DS’ lifespan.

Given the popularity of the R4, you’d think that there were multiple versions of the R4 3DS. If you’ve ever had that thought, you’re pretty much right—there are multiple versions of the R4 3DS, all made by different manufacturers. The R4 3DS is just one of many 3Ds flashcarts out on the market. And, in this article, we’re going to take a closer look at the types that you might encounter.

Types of 3DS Flashcarts ~ Which Should You Buy?

Naturally, several different types of R4 3DS devices exist on the market. One of the most popular is the R4 3DS, but other types exist. To understand the extent of 3DS flashcarts on the market today, let’s start with the beginning.

Nintendo DS

The original Nintendo DS and DS Lite were popular targets of flashcarts and still continue to be taken to their limit with the devices today. The ever popular R4 and R4 SDHC flashcarts become popular with these handhelds.

What Should You Buy? For older Nintendo DS handhelds, the R4 SDHC is the best choice, since it supports bigger capacity MicroSD and SDHC memory cards, while also featuring the latest firmware for the device http://www.r4igoldss.fr/ r4i gold 3ds.

Nintendo DSi

The upgraded DSi and DSi XL prompted an upgrade of the original R4 devices—the R4i Gold and R4i SDHC flashcarts. Of course, the aforementioned flashcarts also work with the older DS handhelds.

What Should You Buy? You can’t really go wrong with the updated R4i SDHC flashcart for the Nintendo DSi handhelds. It allows bigger capacity memory cards (up to 32GB), weighs practically nothing and provides the best features possible for extending the functionality of Nintendo DSi handhelds.

Nintendo 3DS

Although it took a bit longer to come on the market, the R4 3DS was one of the first fully compatible and working flashcarts for the Nintendo 3DS. Today, it continues to receive upgrades in order to stay compatible with the system’s ever changing firmware.

What Should You Buy? Naturally, the R4 3DS R4 3Ds .r43dsxlfrs.com R4 3DS pour 3DS is the best choice for the Nintendo 3DS, but it’s also compatible with the 2DS. In fact, you don’t even need firmware or any other types of adapters to use this flashcart with either console.